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 One Night In Madrid review

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PostSubject: One Night In Madrid review   One Night In Madrid review Icon_minitimeThu Jan 07, 2010 11:38 am

Jeff Scott SOTO: "One Night in Madrid"
Frontiers 2009
Review by The Bailey Brothers, from
3 December 2009

The musical feast kicks off in Madrid with "21st Century". The guitar riff is orgasmic, I could stick the opening song on a loop and go to heaven. Itís got to be one of our favourite JSS songs but there are plenty of gems to choose from as this is an audio/visual journey through a passage of time. We have songs from "Love Parade", "Prism", "Lost In The Translation" and "Beautiful Mess" also not forgetting the awesome Talisman. "Beautiful Mess" is a more recent release but you canít keep up with Mr Soto because everyone is all ready excited in anticipation of the new WET album.

"Our Song" ("Beautiful Mess" album) is introduced as a new song, a change from the funky chops stripped down and underpinned with a ploddy bass line in the verses, a very catchy chorus and I enjoyed the guitar solo, not too much widdly diddly mush, a controlled and tuneful approach that enhances the song not distracting you away from where you were. "Drowning" from the "Lost In The Tanslation" album raised the tempo with a lead guitar wailing through a wha wha pedal opener. "Eyes Of Love" had a cool lead guitar intro and arpeggio shred lead break in the middle. I thought all the musicians gelled together well and they are Jorge Salan on lead guitar, BJ on guitar and keyboards, Fernando Mainer on bass and Edu Cominato on drums.

JSS has a great sense of humour which, like a rabbit he lets out of the hat now and again like on "Testify" where he says at the end ďLetís Do the Iron Maiden endingĒ "Hey" is another song from the "Beautiful Mess" album that was sheer commercial class if not original then certainly memorable.

Thereís way too many tracks worth a mention because the bottom line is with Soto you get diversity, be it rock, pop or funk Heís no slouch on musical instruments either like the piano medley "If This Is The End/Holding On/Nobody Said It Was Easy/4 U/Just Between Us". "Broken Man" was a nice change from the norm, a more bluesy approach if you picture Rod Stewart and Jeff Beck doing "People Get Ready" you wonít be for away in terms of chord progression and tempo. A highlight of any JSS live show is when he totally goes off the beaten track and throws in a few melodies from other artiste Madonnaís "Frozen" was a real surprise and for once not the best choice; the original is relatively lifeless so this version added nothing to the live set.

Another talking point in the after show bar might be "Stand Up" or even the funky medley which was pretty entertaining: "We Will Rock You/I Love Rock & Roll/Play That Funky Music/Jungle Boogie/The Roof Is On Fire/Brick House/Shake Your Booty/Kung Fu Fighting/Yo Baby Yo/Macho Man/The Right Stuff/Ice Ice Baby/Stayin' Alive/Another One Bites The Dust/Walk This Way" .These are the moments that you can only appreciate when you are there joining in and having fun.

Is this the best JSS performance ever? No, his vocals were a little tired at times but you would only have that opinion if you have heard and seen him many times and we have. JSS "One Night Live In Madrid" DVD and CD is a must have present for Christmas. If you havenít discovered him yet then come out of your cave, we have aeroplanes, televisions and mobile phones, its fuckiní great! Hats off to the musicians and background staff that have made this little bit of JSS history possible.

The DVD includes the full show track listing plus the following extras: Video clips: "Holding On", "Eyes Of Love", "Believe In Me" (w/Neal Schon), "If This Is The End", "21st Century", "Hey", "Gin & Tonic Sky" plus a Special Tribute video "In Memory of Marcel Jacob".
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PostSubject: Re: One Night In Madrid review   One Night In Madrid review Icon_minitimeWed Jan 13, 2010 12:23 am

Thanks for the sharing this review Saby! And Happy New Year! Very Happy

One Night In Madrid review JssSig4
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uncle heFTy
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PostSubject: Re: One Night In Madrid review   One Night In Madrid review Icon_minitimeSun Jan 17, 2010 3:45 pm

That was a good review, even the comments about Jeff's voice being 'tired' were made in good stead.

It was one of the most enjoyable experiences and for anyone who was there for the whole show - Jorge's set too, it was a masterclass in how to conduct yourself.

Uncle H
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PostSubject: Re: One Night In Madrid review   One Night In Madrid review Icon_minitime

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One Night In Madrid review
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