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 Track By Track with W.E.T.

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PostSubject: Track By Track with W.E.T.   Track By Track with W.E.T. Icon_minitimeSat Sep 26, 2009 8:31 am

Track By Track with W.E.T. (source :

Erik: When we wrote this song we instantly knew it was an opening track. Intense, full of guitar riffing. All the ingredients of a classic: melodic, intense and ass kicking! And of course, I couldn't hold myself with the Yngwie inspired end of the solo. After all, Jeff sung with him and I played those records all the time when I was a kid. And man, Jeff can still sing absolutely fantastic! What a voice. When I mixed this album I wanted it to sound modern and punchy. I could have gone for a more classic sound but I wanted to bring something new into the genre.
Jeff: The rocker that sets the pace for our little masterpiece! This one really capitalizes the best of our rock sides which is why it gets things started here.
Robert: A great opening track for this album. To me, it's represents all that WET stands for. Powerful, melodic & passionate! Also, I love Erik's wink to Yngwie during the guitar solo!

One Love
Erik: The foundation of this song was actually written when we were writing for the latest and greatest Eclipse album. But I think we found it to be a bit too melodic for Eclipse. When I started to write for this album I picked it up again and it couldn't fit an album better, and it turned out amazing. It includes a great guitar solo by Magnus, (as always my friend).
Jeff: Our 1st single & video, this has so many elements of what people would expect of our collaboration, it's the got the monster riffs, great vocal hooks & chorus, great guitars, the whole AOR package.

Brothers In Arms
Erik: This song was also written for Eclipse but somehow got lost somewhere along the way. When I recorded it, I immediately new that this song had something special. It might be my favourite track of the album.
Jeff: This is the 1st one I chose to sing as Erik was sending me the songs 3 & 4 at a time to get done as he was doing others for me to get ready for. I was immediately drawn to this one 1st so I knocked it out & thought 'this album is gonna be fun!' Really love this one a lot, one of my fave picks on the album!

Comes Down Like Rain
Erik: I had this idea recorded roughly with an acoustic guitar in my mobile telephone. I had no idea if it was good or bad especially for this genre. I was almost on my way to throw it away when I decided to give it a shoot and I'm glad I did. I played it to my friend Miqael Persson who's a magnificent lyric writer and he just immediately fell in love with the song. Jeff's vocals on this one are just amazing.
Jeff: Definitely one of my choice cuts from the album, our 1st 'slower' track on the album. Also the theme for calling the band W.E.T. since the video portrays the whole rain issue. The song brought a new defining moment just on the video alone we did for it…it fades to a cloud scene then shows a memorandum for my recently departed brother, Marcel Jacob. This is the 'Def Lep' song that got away.

Running From The Heartache
Erik: Actually the first track that Robert and me wrote together for this album. Robert had an idea for a song when we started, and by the time we were finished it sounded nothing like the one we started with. But it turned out pretty good anyway. Pure AoR from the beginning till the end. Not bad for a first try…
Jeff: This one gives me the vibe of Whitesnake's 'Is This Love' & Talisman's 'Just Between Us', guess W.E.T had to have our own take on that classic sound!
Robert: This was the first song that Erik & I wrote together for the album. A nice mid tempo song with desperate, haunting vibe to it!

I'll Be There
Erik: This one was written with a smile on our faces all the way. I think we wrote the music and melodies in thirty minutes or so. That's the proof that you're doing something great. It just flows when you're writing. As with almost all songs on this album, Miqael helped us out with a lot of great lyrics and ideas.
Jeff: A badass mid tempo commercial rocker with a burning solo, this one rocks but is has the killer AOR chorus, Erik has me singing in the Heaven's again!
Robert: Together with songs we shot videos for, this is one of my favourites on the album. Like most tunes on this album, it was written really quickly by Erik & me with just two acoustic guitars.

Damage Done
Erik: This one sticks out a bit from the classic AOR way of writing songs and lyrics. I personally love this song. I think that it's also what is so great about this W.E.T. album. Everything is not always as you expect them to be.
Jeff: This is a tricky one, it's got a progressive vibe but extremely melodic, it's like chewing gum & pleasuring yourself at the same time, haha, that's a quote courtesy of Steve Lukather!
Robert: Again, great W.E.T. sounding song. I think the lyrics (written by Miqael Persson) are what really stand out for me with song. It's nice to have an AOR song with lyrics that isn't about love...for a change!

Put Your Money Where You Mouth Is
Erik: Just a plain rock song full of attitude. Jeff screams like an aeroplane taking off on this one. Fantastic. This song might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but with a lot of strength you can get the job done anyway!
Jeff: This one always reminded me of a commercial Soul SirkUS vibe, another strong chorus & slamming track. This is our political song lyrically, gotta have at least one, Bono would be proud!

One Day At A Time
Erik: The first song I wrote for this album. It's the classic power ballad that we all love to hear and make out to. Seriously, Jeff sings fantastic on this one and it was actually a candidate for one of the videos.
Jeff: This could be my favorite song on the album by far. I had a blast singing it but it's an emotional song lyrically, about trying to move on from a long time relationship. A mutha of a chorus on this one, I think this will be a fave for many, a few Perry-isms in there.

Just Go
Erik: I have been listening to Jeff's singing for years and when I presented this riff to Robert we thought that it was about time that we made him do that again. And kick ass double bass drums by our fantastic drummer Robban Bäck. Ever wondered how Eclipse would sound with Jeff on lead vocals? Like this!
Jeff: This one is by far our heaviest on the album, the sheer rocker that shows we ain't only about commercial AOR! The music has a kinda classic Ozzy vibe but again, very melodic vocal lines.
Robert: The heaviest track on the album. I had a really great time writing this song with Erik since it's been many years since I wrote this kind of heavier songs. This song is really Eclipse-sounding to me but it also reminds me of some of the early Work of Art stuff.

My Everything
Erik: This one was also written very fast a beautiful summer's day. (Only two guys with no worries in the world could write a song like this). If I'm not mistaken I think that Robert and me had written the song and done a fast demo with vocals of it before we had lunch… I hope that writing music could always be this easy…
Jeff: This one has a very Bad English vibe to it but much higher vocals than you'd ever get from Waite, courtesy of Erik again!
Robert: Also one of the earliest songs that we wrote for the album. I think with song, it was the first time where it really "clicked" between me and Erik as song writing partners. After that, the rest of songs came very easy to us.

If I Fall
Erik: The epic track of the album. (Besides Brothers) Of course everyone hears where the main influence comes from but it was not intentionally. Magnus from Eclipse actually had the initial idea for this song and it sounded nothing like you-know-who. But we kept on re-writing it and after a while we had this monster of a track that somehow had transformed into an epic you-know-who song. Who cares, I love it!
Jeff: This is as Journey as Journey gets! I went full Perry circa 1986 here, another favorite on the album!!
Robert: Again, one of my favourite tracks on the album. A strong Journey-sounding ballad that really ends this album with style. I LOVE not just only Jeff's Steve Perry-ish vocals but also Magnus' Neal Schon-ish guitar solo.

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Track By Track with W.E.T.
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