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 Exclusive JSS T-shirt offer

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PostSubject: Exclusive JSS T-shirt offer   Exclusive JSS T-shirt offer Icon_minitimeSat Aug 08, 2009 7:35 am

Hi all,

If you're not yet a member of the official JSS Mailing List, then join it now if you want to purchase some JSS T-shirts. The offer is only initially available to people who are on the JSS Mailing List.

Here's from Richard Mace:

As a member of the official JSS Mailing List, I am pleased to announce that we are able to offer you advance purchases of the new Official JSS T-Shirt. These are heavy quality black T-shirts beautifully printed in 6 colours. Sizes available are: Small, Medium, Large and Xtra Large. The price will be 14.00 plus postage (UK 1.00, Rest of the World 2.00).

Payments are through PayPal only:

Please indicate the size required when placing the order. These shirts are available to purchase now, which is one month before they go on general release. Aren't we good to you. What a nice gesture. Makes you want to order more for your friends, or pets! What better way of saying 'I think you're really great' to a friend than a 'JSS T-Shirt'. What a great thing to treat yourself too, especially with all of this wonderful weather we've been having! The perfect item in preparation of global warming! Or imagine you're wearing a white t-Shirt and about to play Lazer Quest! You'd wish you had a black T-Shirt, with the bonus of advertising to everyone who your favourite singer is. Jeff himself would feel honoured for you to be wearing his emblem and showing the world. You could pass the time by spotting how many people you meet at concerts who are wearing them, the reasons are endless. But don't take my word for it. President Obama himself said that he wished he had one*

So what are you waiting for... the summer is nearly over (not that it ever really began here in the UK).

JSS Promotions

*Not exactly true... in any way! I made that bit up.
Allergy advice: This product does not contain traces of nuts, however they may contain traces of Jeff sweat!

Exclusive JSS T-shirt offer JssSig4
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Exclusive JSS T-shirt offer
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