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 Forum rules: Read before you post!

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Forum rules: Read before you post! Empty
PostSubject: Forum rules: Read before you post!   Forum rules: Read before you post! Icon_minitimeFri Jan 05, 2007 10:21 am

Welcome to the unofficial JSS forum, created especially for you, the fans!
Here are some rules I'd like you to read and respect.
Enjoy your stay here! Very Happy

Forum Rules:

1. Please respect everyone. No flaming or degrading
another member. You will get one warning. After that
you will be banned from the board.

2. If you are having a problem with a particular
person then please pm one of the moderators. MsMercury
AdminNath or Personne.

3. Please refrain from getting into overly political
or religious debates. This is not the place for it.
Take it to private message or email.

4. Do not advertise or ask for bootlegs here.

5. We all agree that Jeff is nice to look at but
please keep the "fangirling" to a minimum. We are here
to discuss his music also. Just don't post new topics
on how hot Jeff is.

6. Please keep your signature banners no larger than
400x150 and your avatars no larger than 175x150. Please don't use any more than two sig banners. We like
to keep our dial up users in mind and keep the board from looking too clutterd.
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Forum rules: Read before you post!
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