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 ARCH ENEMY: Guitarist CHRISTOPHER AMOTT Rejoins now Akesson

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ARCH ENEMY: Guitarist CHRISTOPHER AMOTT Rejoins now Akesson Empty
PostSubject: ARCH ENEMY: Guitarist CHRISTOPHER AMOTT Rejoins now Akesson   ARCH ENEMY: Guitarist CHRISTOPHER AMOTT Rejoins now Akesson Icon_minitimeFri Mar 23, 2007 1:46 pm

Thu Mar 22, 2007 5:48 pm (PST)
Swedish/German extreme metallers ARCH ENEMY have
announced that original guitarist Christopher Amott is
rejoining the band with immediate effect. The group,
having finished an intense 18-month touring cycle all
over the world promoting the "Doomsday Machine" album
and "Live Apocalypse" DVD, is currently busy working
on songs for their new studio album.

Christopher surprised many by departing ARCH ENEMY at
the end of the "Doomsday Machine" recording sessions
in 2005, having been in the band for 10 years
(starting with ARCH ENEMY at age 18). Christopher
followed his urge to see the outside world and find
what else is out there apart from music. Having done
that, the time is right for him to return to the fold
with a newly injected bite and focus and to resume his

Commenting on the re-grouping announcement he states:
"This is very exciting for me, returning to ARCH ENEMY
as a full-time member! Right now we are working on our
forthcoming album and I'm very pleased about the way
it's turning out. The new songs are fast and furious
with lots of melody! To all the people who sent me
kind messages while I was out of the band, thank you
for your support, it helped me a lot. After this (much
needed) two-year break, I'm looking forward to getting
back on the road. I hope to see you all later this

ARCH ENEMY mastermind Michael Amott complements his
younger brother Christopher perfectly in style and
chemistry and together they have become one of the
most infamous and ripping guitar teams in extreme

Comments Michael: "So, we are back with my brother
Christopher on guitar — it's a huge rush to have him
back playing in his signature style! He's jumped in at
the end of the songwriting process for the new album
and added some of his unique spice! I feel
Christopher' s playing has matured and is more precise
and even faster than before! Guitar fans are going to
freak on the stuff we are getting up to on the new

The last two years have been the busiest and most
successful touring campaign of ARCH ENEMY's entire
career, so the many fans both old and especially new
can now look forward to witnessing Christopher' s
return to the stages of the world.

In regards to Fredrik Åkesson, the Swedish
guitar-wizard who has been touring with ARCH ENEMY for
18 months and who can be seen on the band's latest
video clip for the song "My Apocalypse", Michael
states: "I want to add that we are eternally grateful
to Fredrik Åkesson, who did an outstanding job with
ARCH ENEMY over the past 18 months while we dragged
the 'Doomsday Machine' around the world a couple of

ARCH ENEMY has spent the last weeks locked in intense
rehearsals at its homebase in Halmstad, Sweden,
putting the final touches to the new material and
integrating Christopher on the new songs for the
forthcoming studio album. More news on this will
follow in the next few days.

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ARCH ENEMY: Guitarist CHRISTOPHER AMOTT Rejoins now Akesson
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