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 JSS interview - October 24

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PostSubject: JSS interview - October 24   Thu Nov 01, 2007 3:46 pm

In case you haven't seen it in the "Other languages" section of this board, here is the translation of the interview made my Mr Speed.
Thanks again for sharing and translating it Julio! Very Happy

JSS Interview
Conducted by: Mr. Speed from ďEl Concilio de los MayoresĒ.
Date: October 24th. 2007
Place: Acatraz Pub.

JC: Jeff, welcome back to Buenos Aires, how do you feel here one more time?
JSS: Very well, thank you very much.

JC: What do you remember from your previous visit?
JSS: What I love of Argentina and all South America is the electricity of the crowd. They are all very loyal. They come to the show to be part of it, not only to be seated and to listen to, they like enjoy it. I love to be here again.

JC: Which is your final evaluation on the last Talisman Farewell Tour? ŅHas everything gone as you expected?
JSS: Sincerely I hoped much more. Unfortunately this business is very strange. Because while we were on tour there werenít sufficient promoters to continue the tour. It is the same lack of interest that we have been having from the last years. Itís sucks you know? We always had the intention to come to South America, for example to go to Santiago, Buenos Aires, etc., and we only could reach San Pablo.

JC: Also, we knew you had problems to recruit to the original guitarist Fredrik Ňkesson.
JSS: Right!, one of the problems was that he joined to another band and they didnít want he made the tour with us. He is strange because I explained to them that I was in Journey and it was just for the year. But no, they didnít want to do this, I was very sad.

JC: Is there any chance to see Talisman again?
JSS: Thereís always a chance, now we are all very busy, but who knows.

JC: You have visited several countries, which is the audience that you remember the most and why?
JSS: MmmmÖItís difficult, because each country has something. Maybe some crowds gone crazier than others, there are some audience that like more to listen carefully, but your always want that they become crazy and start a party (laughs). I believe that Madrid, Spain has one of my favorite audiences. They are completely crazy. But this doesnít necessarily means the best, are different reasons for different places.

JC: You are touring around the world without rest, how do you find time for the family? JSS: Well, my family understands that my work is my first love. Because without tours, without my music, without my career, I wouldnít have another thing to offer for.

JC: But you miss a lot, do you?
JSS: Of course, who wouldnít, is natural. But obvious Iíve married first with my work and then with my family and this he is something that all must understand in order to everything works fine.

JC: Actually you are doing this for living.
JSS: Yeah, without this ďno comidaĒ, nothing (laughs).

JC: Letís change the topic: when you decided that what you wanted to be a singer?
JSS: I guess Ö when I was five. I was a great fan of Jackson 5, The Osmonds, and all those kidsí staff bands. Michael Jackson already was a star at that age and I wanted to be a star like him. As far as I remember I wanted to be a singer.

JC: Which have been your main influences?
JSS: While I grew up I had much of Motown all around me. Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson. Iíve have listened a lot of soul in my lifeÖ.Sam Cooke.

JC: Actually, Marvin Gaye is one of my favorite soul singers.
JSS: Yeah! I love him. In fact, I jumped in rock much later. I love rock but Iíve never lost the passion for soul music. Thatís why Iíve mixed a little of this in my songs.

JC: So, all that covers that Talisman did in the past are in connection with this?
JSS: Not really, those were ideas from Marcel trying to innovate a little within the style.

JC: Which are your favorite singers?
JSS: Freddy Mercury, Steve Perry, Sam CookeÖ.Tom JonesÖ when I was six years old I spend a lot of time singing Tom staff, still amazing.

JC: You have been working with a wide range of musicians, is there anyone that you wanted to work with and you havenít had the chance so far?
JSS: I would love to collaborate with Nuno Betancourt, heís a great guitar player but also a great writer. I think that we could make brilliant things together. Prince is a person who often doesnít join with other artists but I would love it.

JC: What about Toto?
JSS: They are great!!!. It supposed that we would work together but at the same time came the Journey thing and I had to leave it. Maybe we can make something together someday.

JC: There was a rumor that you will join to Van Halen, Is it true?
JSS: No, Iíve never met anybody from Van Halen

JC: And would you like it?
JSS: Yes, I would. There are three bands in the world that I always dreamed to sing with: Queen, Journey and Van Halen, and Iíve already sang in two of them.

JC: Do you see any chance to join to Queen in the future?
JSS: I donít think so. I think they donít want a long tour or record a new disc.

JC: However, I bet you really enjoy every time somebody ask to Brian May about you
JSS: Brian is a really good friend and I respect him a lot

JC: And who are those people which you have felt more comfortable with?
JSS: I would say with Neil Schon. We have an incredible chemistry when we work together, and with Marcel Jacobs, as well. They are the kind of people which you look each other and they know exactly what you want. We could stay in a room for a while and write twenty songs in one shoot. Itís something that flows constantly.

JC: Is there anything that wouldnít repeat from the past?
JSS: Panter!

JC: Why?
JSS: Cagada. It was a favor that I made to some friends of mine. They didnít get a singer and they said ďJeff, could you please record some demos with usĒ and I said OK. When I finished them they released them with my voiceÖ.I donít like this.

JC: Letís do it a little more controversial. We have already seen the Journey official press release where they explained that you will no longer with them but, what you think was behind of that decision? Because, It still hard to understand.
JSS: The story is that no of them has deigned to speak with me, so far. The last show that I did with them was in May and they already knew I was out. From that day I havenít spoke with any of them.

JC: Not even with Neil Schon?
JSS: No at all. So what happened?, I really donít know. I donít know a thing because nobody has told me anything. All I know is what their press release said; they wanted to seek for another singer that seems to Steve Perry. So this is what they did, weíll see what happened.

JC: Itís very weird the way they manage this, isnít it?
JSS: The problem is that they donít realize that although this was done through a press release people realize that this doesnít make any sense, whatís the reason? Ö There are no reasons. Because everybody has the same question like you, what happened?

JC: To finish your trip with Journey like this, somehow broke that fulfilled dream to sing for them.
JSS: I wouldnít say that. I didnít take this as my dream to be made. It was a great honor to have sung for one of my favorite bands of for all time, but no illusion or dream has broken.

JC: Tell us about your ongoing projects.
JSS: My new solo album. Itís very difficult to describe it because itís difficult to describe the music before you listen to it. All I can say is there are many influences that have always been present in me and now in one album. This is not an experiment, this is 100% JSS. Itís not hard-rock, itís not soft, is something new, something different. I think is going to be incredible.

JC: You are one of the main references in Melodic Rock nowadays. Do you think ďMelodic RockĒ is here to stay or just a trend?
JSS: Melodic Rock has always been around, in different forms. Each new generation is taking the slug and this will continue. Thereíll always be audiences for this.

JC: What can we expect from you this evening?
JSS: Iím gonna joint to Tempestt as a guest. Weíre gonna play a song that we have recorded together for its recent album and later weíll play songs from mine solo albums and Talisman as well.

JC: Jeff, thanks so much for your time, you have been very kind.
JSS: You are welcome, see you at the concert hall, donít miss it.
Mr. Speed

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PostSubject: Re: JSS interview - October 24   Thu Nov 01, 2007 6:44 pm

Hey Nath I added a link to spanish interview to your post

Lost in a country were Hollywood can find inspiration!!!!!! - Marcel Jacob's webmaster - Talisman's Lead Project
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PostSubject: Re: JSS interview - October 24   Fri Nov 02, 2007 2:26 am

Thanks Simon!

satrianivzla wrote:
Hey Nath I added a link to spanish interview to your post

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Mr. Speed

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PostSubject: Re: JSS interview - October 24   Fri Nov 02, 2007 1:03 pm

Nath wrote:
In case you haven't seen it in the "Other languages" section of this board, here is the translation of the interview made my Mr Speed.
Thanks again for sharing and translating it Julio! Very Happy

All I can say is Jeff rocks!!!!
You are welcome Nath.
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PostSubject: Re: JSS interview - October 24   

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JSS interview - October 24
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