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 Q&A to Jeff on MelodicRock

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PostSubject: Q&A to Jeff on MelodicRock   Wed Jul 04, 2007 4:00 am

Some people on the Melodic Rock board have set up a Q&A to Jeff. Here's Jeff's answers:

Couldn't sleep, here's your Q&A:

#1. We all know how versatile you have been throughout your career. It's one of the things that amazes me about you. I am wondering which style of music you like best, and why?

It's a trick question, really depends on my mood. I don't wanna say I get bored easily but I get bored easily! I don't like sticking to one thing as I am comprised of so many, blame artists like Queen & Prince for showing diversity & never repeating themselves for the sake of commercial success, yet they achieved just that many times over.

#2. Of all the songs you've recorded, which is your favorite?? Is there a story behind the song??

That would be impossible to answer...I've said before, my songs are my children, some are strong, some are a bit soft, some are heavy & some you might wanna forget about, haha. But it's tough to choose just one as there are too many!

#3. If you could sing a duet with anyone~male or female, alive or dead~who would it be?

I would have loved to do a song with Freddie Mercury, still would like to do something with Perry or Prince....on the female side, Christina Aguilera or Kelly Clarkson, both ridiculously powerhouse singers that could wipe the floor with me, but I love challenges!

I'd be curious to know what other bands or solo acts, classic or modern, that you've been a big fan of through the years. I'm sure you've probably answered this before, so please feel free to copy and paste from your "Big Book Of Answers To Repetitive Questions"...

Easy....Queen/Prince/VH/Terence Trent D'Arby/Sam Cooke/Journey

Has there been a moment in your career that just stands out above the rest, one that you sort of wish you could relive whenever you want?

2 very recent, Journey at Hammersmith Apollo in London this past March & with Queen in LA in 2001.

Jeff, will you come sing at my birthday party? You can PM me for details, if the answer is yes.
Ok, since that probably won't happen...

Is there ANY way I can write off all the money I spent on having to buy your past music, on my taxes, next year? It's cost me a fortune to catch up on your past stuff, dude. If you refuse to answer that one too...

When's the birthday, where & will you have any Grey Goose in hand? Writing off music purchases, sure, I do it all the time....write it off as 'employment research'.

Dude, if you could have dinner with 3 people dead or alive(no pun intended), who would they be and why?

George Bush, just so I could ask 'why?', my wife's dad just because I never got to meet him before he passed away & Frank Sinatra just so I could say 'I had dinner with Frank Sinatra'.

why did you decide to record "send her my love"?
along with new music will we be seeing new (music) videos?
one more...
next season will you *****PLEASE***** come sing the national anthem at the Ponda Center? first "real" home game would be
nice... that's the night the ducks raise their stanley cup banner!! }=C))

SHML, I did it as a request from the label who wanted to release a live version I had done years prior. I didn't have rights to that one as well, I screwed up a verse so I asked if I could just redo that version of it with decent sound & production. Videos, hell yes, I love doing them, now that we have the technology to make cool ones on a shoestring budget, I'll surely throw out some more. Singing the anthem, I would love to, hook it up, I'm there!

Jeff, I was just thinking about this today. What is your approach to song writing? Do you come up with the melody first, then verse and chorus or do you start with lyrics then write music around them? Different musicians and writers have different ways that they write a song and I just wanted to hear how you go about putting together your 'masterpieces'!

Usually it's music 1st for me. I'm not a poet therefore I don't write lyrics before I need them. I need the feeling of the song, the mood & the tempo to dictate the lyrical don't usually write a love lyric to something that's heavy as Enter Sandman! From that, I always go melody 1st, could hum something from beginning to end & then finally, add lyrics that fit the melodic flow. Sometimes the formula switches but that's usually how I do it on my own.

If you would've known all that you know today (you know what I mean!), July 2nd 2007, Would you still have accepted the offer from Journey a year ago to sing for them when they needed you the most!?
You bet your ass!! Not a day do I regret joining these guys. It may not have ended the way I would have liked but I had a FUCKING AMAZING time every day & night I was with them. We had many laughs, great shows, cheering fans & meeting loads of amazing new people. It was an experience I will take to my grave, but for now, take to the next level of my career!

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?

Lula answered that one, 3!

how much faster is a treo 755p on sprint's vision network than an iPhone on att's edge network? how difficult do you think it would be to text one-handed on an iPhone while driving & watching a video? i need to know.

I told you, the answer is 3!!

What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
I don't swallow!

If Paul were to retire, & the reins were offered to you...would you take them?

You bet your ass again!! One thing I'll make clear, I'm not looking to keep hopping from one favorite band of mine to another but to sing for Queen would be as much a dream as it was with Journey, honestly, a bit easier too

jss can you read music?

Yes, mostly treble clef, but I can read piano & guitar charts...used to play trumpet in band for 4 years during middle & high school.

Jeff, do you do your own wardrobe? and if not, it looks gresat whoever does it...Maybe your wife helps?

I own it all, yes. She's been known to help on quite a few things, especially recently, but I know what I like & what works. I don't like to be told what to wear from anyone, not that I'm not willing to compromise.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

I don't know but last week we started the evening with tequila, ended it with vodka...I chucked twice from what I can remember.

How many mics have you busted?

Far too many to count! Back in the day when I started the 'flipping' thing, I would break them all the time, but thanks to my buds at Shure who I have been with since 1990, they always took care of me

I was wondering if being a singer/songwriter is something you wanted to be ever since you were a kid? Also wondering what are all the instruments you play piano, bass...?

Yes to no. 1. Piano, guitar, bass & trumpet for number 2.

Answer me this....Do deeper principles underlie quantum uncertainty and nonlocality?

I feel dizzy.....

Do you believe that the superposition, entanglement and other quantum phenomena will lead to proving the existence of parallel universes?

I think I just puked, Jane, stop this crazy thing.....

If you cant answer that one how about this....Who will be playing with you at the concert in October?

Still working those details out, I have a good idea what the final outcome will be there but I need some other details ironed 1st.

What songs, how long and what time will you be onstage?

Don't know yet, about an hour & don't know yet! about this...Are ya still pissed? If nothing else how about this one.....Whats your favorite color?

Not pissed at all, anger for me is nothing but wasted energy, I'd rather put that energy in doing something creative for the future. Color? Royal Blue.

Will we be seeing you at the House of Blues July 9th?

Nope, I land that day from Brazil & all I'm gonna do is sleep! What/who's at HOB?

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Q&A to Jeff on MelodicRock
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