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 JSS Alive 'N Kissing (promo CD)

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PostSubject: JSS Alive 'N Kissing (promo CD)   Sun Feb 25, 2007 9:22 pm

These are Jeff Scott Soto’s own words aswering to a journalist in an old interview about this performance:

“When I did the "Love Parade" album I also sang on Gary Schutt's solo album and an album by the band Takara came out - all three in the same year and all three on the same label, Long Island Records.

They wanted me to do some promo for them, but they thought it would be silly for me to have to sit into 30-40 interviews for three different projects of three different bands. So they made up an idea that they would bring me to Germany and they would get all the journalists that were interested in doing interviews to come into this one room and everybody would share questions.

As I was being asked questions I was being interviewed basically by 30 people of 30 different resources. At the end of this big 2.5-hour interview we decided to do a little acoustic jam, because Gary was there, and Neal Grusky from Takara and a few other people that were releasing their albums at the same time. That's why we did that. It was basically supposed to be released just a little token for all the people that showed up, but as the years went by, it became something that people were actually looking for and trying to get copies of. There were supposed to be a 1,000 copies and they were just gonna send them out free to the people that came to the actual promo thing”.


Jeff Scott Soto
Gary Schutt
Neal Grusky
Michael Voss
Mike Foerster


1 - "Intro 'Jeff To Stage'" (Gary Schutt)
2 – “Restless Heart" (Jeff Scott Soto - Gary Schutt - Neal Grusky)
3 - "Stranded" (Jeff Scott Soto - Gary Schutt)
4 - "For You" (Jeff Scott Soto - Gary Schutt)
5 - "Mama" (Michael Voss - Mike Foerster)
6 - "Send Her My Love" (Jeff Scott Soto - Gary Schutt)
7 - "Purple Rain" (Jeff Scott Soto - Gary Schutt - Michael Voss - Mike Foerster)

Lost in a country were Hollywood can find inspiration!!!!!! - Marcel Jacob's webmaster - Talisman's Lead Project
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PostSubject: Re: JSS Alive 'N Kissing (promo CD)   Mon Feb 26, 2007 5:19 am

A total collector now! affraid
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PostSubject: Re: JSS Alive 'N Kissing (promo CD)   Tue Feb 27, 2007 6:18 pm

Personne wrote:
A total collector now! affraid

No kidding!
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PostSubject: Re: JSS Alive 'N Kissing (promo CD)   

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JSS Alive 'N Kissing (promo CD)
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